Site Planning Worksheets

The initial worksheets for defining a site architecture are finished. They will be posted tomorrow when I complete listing the resources and credits.

The process of creating these worksheets has helped clarify for me the need to have a formalized, structured process before starting the development of a SharePoint site. We all talk about planning, but using the worksheets really helps define a direct path to the starting gate.

Information Architecture

One of the missing pieces when most people start thinking about using SharePoint is how to get started. I am finishing a set of worksheets that are consolidated into one Excel book that will give beginning Site Administrators worksheets and check sheets for starting a new site.

I think SharePoint 2007 is a bit overwhelming for the beginning site manager because of the depth of the applications and what is available out of the box. The worksheets help Site Admins focus on critical information, leaving out very low level detail such as site columns. This can be worked on once the major site architecture has been established.

The sheets are in this order:

  1. User Analysis
  2. Content Analysis
  3. Site Objectives
  4. Site Map
  5. Library Specs
  6. List Specs
  7. Blog Specs
  8. Wiki Specs

I should have the first draft posted by the middle of this week.

End User SharePoint 2007 - Just the FAQs

Most information you see for using SharePoint is focused on extending the capabilities of the platform. This blog will concentrate on the mundane, day-to-day aspects of using SharePoint as a provider or consumer of content, either as an end user or a site manager.

Tips, tricks, FAQs, using the out-of-the-box functionality of SharePoint 2007… that’s what I’m about. Welcome along for the ride.


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