Final Call: Manage SharePoint 2007 Site Permissions, Live Online Workshop

Sharon Richardson, JoiningDots.netOur first EUSP Live Online Workshop of the week , Manage SharePoint 2007 Site Permissions, starts Monday at 1:00pm EST. Sharon Richardson, former technical lead for Microsoft in the UK and Europe, will be running a live, hands-on session for beginning and intermediate SharePoint site managers who need a deep dive on configuring security settings at all levels in SharePoint.

You can read the full details of the event, or if you already know you want to attend, use the registration form below.

In addition to Sharon’s workshop, I am running a series Tuesday - Thursday, Just for SharePoint Site Managers. On Friday, Laura Rogers, aka @WonderLaura, starts her series on Make the Most of SharePoint Data View Web Parts.

It’s a busy week. I hope you’ll have time to join us for a session or two.

Thank You EUSP Sponsors, Authors and Supporters

Mark Miller, Founder and Editor, EndUserSharePoint.comA lot of people consider me "Mr.", when actually there’s a lot more going on behind the scene that you might not think about. I’d like to take a couple minutes to say thank you to the people that really make this site what it is.

Authors: Too numerous to name them all
Mouse over "Topics" in the menu above and look at the dozens of people who have contributed articles to the site. These are people who volunteer to provide content, not because of any other reason than they want to write about SharePoint and share their knowledge. It takes a special, selfless people to take private time and provide the wealth of content we have here. Thanks to each of you.

Workshop Presenters: Christophe Humbert, Laura Rogers, Paul Grenier, Joel Oleson, Dux Raymond Sy, Sharon Richardson
EUSP Live Online Workshops are our bread-and-butter. It’s the most efficient way to spread the SharePoint gospel and make a little money along the way. I feel priviledged to work with each of these people, who I consider the best at what they do.

Stump the Panel Moderators: Eric Alexander, Eric Tuchon, Jim Bob Howard, Marc Anderson, Dessie Lunsford, Toni Frankola, Chris Quick, Christina Wheeler, Shereen Qumsieh
STP is a weird beast and these people tame it everyday. There’s no glory in this one because it’s just a firehose of problems that come in everyday. These people sit quietly, helping in their spare time on their own dime. I don’t talk about them enough and they don’t get enough exposure. Thank you, Moderators. If I missed anyone, please let me know. I’m going to find a way to tell the rest of the world what you do.

Sponsors: StoragePoint, Alcero, BAInsight, Rackspace, fpWeb
Our sponsors are the ones that ‘keep the doors open’. Without their financial contributions and services, it would be literally impossible to sustain the amount of traffic we have on the site. Thank you for trusting us. Jeff at RackSpace and Tom at fpWeb deserve special acknowledgement for saving my butt when the site crashed and burned in December. Thanks guys. I know what it took to get it done, and it’s very much appreciated.

My Assistant: Natasha Felshman
Natasha is completely invisible, hiding behind the website curtain of anonymity. She doesn’t even have a website of her own, so I’m pointing you to her twitter account. Natasha’s the one that gets the day-to-day done around here: answering email, formatting articles, helping authors, moderating workshops, cleaning out thousands of spam comments a week. Without her, this site would have folded long ago. Thanks, Natasha. The check’s in the mail… I promise. No, really!

The Readers: You! Yes, You!
What can I say, other than "Thank you for making this all possible." Whenever someone sends me the numbers from PostRank, or points me at Topsy, or I examine Google Analytics on the site, I’m always shocked at the amount of support the community has shown EUSP. Community begins and ends with word of mouth, and that is happening on a daily basis.

Sincerely, thank you to everyone for making this all possible. I’m willing to keep going if you are.

Mark Miller, Founder and Editor

Notes on Running a SharePoint Live Online Event

Mark Miller and Michael GannottiIt’s been a month since SharePoint Saturday EMEA and I see more people have "taken the bait" and want to put together their own event. I know two, specifically that are scheduled: Live Online SharePoint Saturday Arabia, March 27th, and Live Online SharePoint Saturday India, April 24th.

In the spirit of helping the virtual SharePoint Community, I’ve put together a set of notes that might help future live online event co-ordinators run a smooth event.

1) Four live meeting channels. We had one for each ‘track’, and a general one where we could tell all registrants to meet at specific times, such as keynote, general announcements and conclusion.

2) Check w/ your Live Meeting provider to verify the maximum number of concurrent attendees. By default, a basic account only holds 250 participants. If there’s a possibility there will be more than that in a session, you’ll need to request an update to the platform.

3) Make it MANDATORY that your presenters meet for a 10 minute practice session one week before the event. We found presenters who thought they had the proper setup to present, only to learn their connection was not stable enough to participate. Without the practice session, we would not have known that.

4) Keep one or two empty time slots in the middle of the day for presenters who had trouble logging in, making a connection, machine crashing, etc. We had a presenter for a 9:00am session whose VM went down. We were able to move him to an empty afternoon slot, giving him enough time to get his system running.

5) Have at least one moderator, with presenter status, per channel to help with the presentations. These should be people who are comfortable with the Live Meeting environment,know how to upload slidedecks to the system, and able to help presenters with any problems they are having.

Toni, Isaac and I learned the hard way that the moderators should work in 4 hour blocks… no longer. It’s just to hard to keep your concentration longer than that, plus they will probably be logging in from home and will have to deal with personal issues, as well as moderate the presentation.

Moderators also keep track of the live chatroom to help the presenter answer questions from the participants. In most cases, the moderator will say something like, "There’s a question in the chatroom from Toni." This will help keep questions in the context of the present discussion.

6) Send your moderators a detailed list of the presentations the night before the event. This should include session name, presenter, time and brief description. They can then post that information at the beginning of each session, making it clear as to what channel people are in. 

7) I’m not sure how you intend to use the live blogging platform. CoverItLive, the live blogging platform, does not have unmoderated comments, so it’s hard to have a real flow of discussion between the participants. I actually built an ajax enabled chatroom with multiple channels so that people could participate in the discussion with each other, as well as the presenter. There was one chatroom per channel, plus one "Green Room" chatroom for general discussion and announcements.

 8) Ten minutes before the end of each presentation, go into each chatroom and post the schedule for the upcoming hour. That way, people can start thinking about which session they would like to attend next.

9) Create ‘Break Slides’. Have the moderators put up an "On Break" slide with the time the next session will start. This is especially important if you are going to have an hour long extended break, as we did for the 12:00 noon slot.

10) Announce login information in a public location. One of the best things I did was to put all of the login information in a blog post on the morning of the event. I sent out an email from EventBrite the night before, pointing people to the post. Instead of having hundreds of emails telling me they had lost the login instructions, the blog post handled all of that support. I wouldn’t do it until the day of the event, since you will want people to register, not just login.

11) Configure the registration page on EventBrite to show the people who registered and what country they are from. This was exciting for people to see all of the activity from around the world and I think it drove higher registration numbers because people could confirm they were participating in a popular event.

The built-in email functionality of EventBrite is great. Update the registrations once a week through the bulk emailer. This type of acknowledgement serves two purposes: it gives you a chance to update them on new presentations, and it also gives them a reminder to spread the word for your event.

12) Have a keynote/intro session. A keynote gives you a chance to get everyone in one place, explain how the day is going to work and get people mentally prepared. In addition, if you have a well know presenter who people really want to see, they are more likely to login at the beginning of the day and then keep the sessions running.

13) Request that your presenter keep WebCam use to a minimum. It’s nice to have a talking head for the first few minutes of each session for introductions, but it takes up exponentially more bandwidth.

14) Record each session on the server but configure Live Meeting so that participants can record on their local drives. Verify recordings on the server are available for public access for 365 days after the event.

15) Michael Lotter rocks! Anytime we had issues in the weeks prior to the event, Michael was there to help. He’s done dozens of SharePoint Saturday’s, so he’s got more experience than anyone else.

I hope you find this check list useful. I’m sure Toni, Isaac and Michael will have their own take on it.

Please have a very successful event. I look forward to following your progress.

Download: 2 Hour Demo of SharePoint 2007 Interface Enhancements

EUSP Live Online WorkshopsChristophe Humbert from Path to SharePoint and I co-presented an EUSP Live Online session today, demo-ing dozens of interface enhancements that we will be providing in our EUSP Live Online Workshops, starting next Monday.

You can download a recording of the demo, to view locally. If, after viewing our interface enhancements, you’d like to participate in the workshops next week, please register in advance. Here’s the list of workshops for next week:

  • March 01, Monday
    SharePoint 2007 Site Permissions  
  • March 02, Tuesday
    Just for SharePoint Site Managers: SharePoint WSS Dashboards
  • March 03, Wednesday
    Just for SharePoint Site Managers: Default Workflow in SharePoint
  • March 04, Thursday
    Just for SharePoint Site Managers: Create a SharePoint Multi-Media Resource Center
  • March 05, Friday
    Build List Relationships through Data View Web Parts
  • EUSP Live Online Workshops start at 1:00pm EST, ending at 3:00pm EST. Every solution can be implemented by anyone with Site Manager permissions. All participants receive their own SharePoint site in order to test the solutions. Sessions are delivered live, over the internet, in real time. You will need a headset in order to hear the presenter.

    SPWebCast 010 - Extending Visual Studio 2010 with custom tools for SharePoint 2010 (11 mins)

    In this web cast @spentsarsky demonstrates to extend Server Explorer in VS2010. One of the great things in SharePoint 2010 is its close integration with Visual Studio 2010. Today I created my working copy of Server Explorer extension for Visual Studio 2010 and think you would love to know how quick and easy it is. In short, I create an extension that will enumerate all of the webparts in the webpart gallery under your site and let you right click on it to copy webpart XML to clipboard like this

    Click here to view web cast on screen
    Click here to download it to watch on iPod
    or add the feed to iTunes

    People in Podcast

    Yaroslav Pentsarskyy

    info at sharemuch dot com



    Fabian Williams will Code for Food

    I saw this on twitter from @FabianWilliams: "just found out i have 3 clients next week in 2 states & D.C.; alas all IT Pro work.. I need dev work, think I will get a cardboard sign".

    Ok Fabian, I can help you there. Anyone looking for a SharePoint dev with little to no experience, but who likes to talk a lot at SharePoint conferences, SharePoint Saturday’s or local SharePints, please contact Fabian directly.

    See, Fabian, I told you the SharePoint Community was a great thing.

    Fabian Williams - Will Code for Food

    With all the new Social aspects of SP2010 has come the introduction of the Note Board web part (as seen below added to a Wiki Page layout).

    The power of these note board web parts is that it stores the notes based on the url they are created on. On each user profiles you can see where users have added notes across SharePoint Site Collections.

    To follow a webcast on how the webpart is added to the wiki page (not there by default) see the /2010/01/08/SPWebCast 001 - SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Wiki Customisations (11mins) page.

    Login Instructions: Overview of EUSP Workshop Solutions

    On Friday, February 26, 2010 starting at 12:00 noon, EST, Christophe Humbert and I will be giving a free, EUSP Live Online demo of the solutions we will be presenting in upcoming workshops, Just for SharePoint Site Managers, jQuery Starter Kit for SharePoint and Inline Graphs, Dynamic Charts and Enhanced Gantt Views. I hope you’ll join us just to see what we’re working on.

    EUSP Live Online seating space is limited to 250 people. Please register if you plan on attending so that I can get an estimated headcount.

    Login instructions for the event:

    Subject: Overview of EUSP Workshop Solutions
    Location: EUSP Live Online
    Date: Friday, February 26, 2010
    Session Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm (EST)
    Login Time: 11:30 am - 12:00 noon (EST)

    Login Link: Click to Login
    Live Chatroom for Session: EUSP Chat (Enter your name, no password is needed)

    You will need headphones or computer speakers in order to hear the presenters. Since this is a global session, there is no conference call phone numbers. Everything is done on your computer over VoIP. Please login at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session in order to test your audio and video capabilities.

    Christophe and I look forward to seeing you for the demos and at the workshop sessions.